8 March 2017

Discover. Feel. Live.

Discover the many wonders of nature. Feel, travel and share your experiences. Live and seize the moment, each step is precious.

Editing: Premiere Pro CC
Music: Royalty Free Background Music by e-soundtrax


11 July 2016

A short mountain bike film: MTB Peguerinos

Enjoy the great outdoors traveling with your mountain bike. Gain access to a world of possibilities and discover the tranquility of nature. Get to peaceful places, often remote from the tourist throng and far from noise and pollution. Listen to your exploration spirit and find yourself surrounded by beautiful views. Filmed at Cueva Valiente, Peguerinos, Spain.

Cameras and equipment: GoPro Hero 4, DMC FZ48, DJI Phantom 3
Editing: Premiere Pro CC
Music: Royalty Free Background Music by e-soundtrax


20 June 2016

Aerial Showreel with drone

Quick showcase of my flights with a drone. Enjoy!

Music: Blood, Sweat and Tears by composer Tobias Grønvold

10 June 2016

Aerial Lighthouse - Cabo de la Huerta - 4K

This is the first time I record at sunrise, and I don't find easy to deal with the lights and shadows in post-production. The video might be a bit dark, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway.

Music: Eternal Hope (Kevin MacLeod) - License: Creative Commons Attribution ( - Source: - Artist:

23 September 2015

Aerial Canyon Lindy Hop

Spontaneously trying to dance some Lindy Hop with friends on the edge of the canyon. It was very windy so the footage is not as smooth as I would have liked, and as I only flew some minutes I didn't have many resources to make the video longer. It was quite fun though!

Music: "Honky Tonk Blues" by Hank Williams

17 September 2015

Aerial - A view above the lake

Enjoy a beautiful aerial ride of the lake and along the narrow canyon.

Steep, meandering slopes and vertical walls are dotted with small caves that combine to make a stunning landscape in which ochre coloured limestone contrasts spectacularly with the surrounding greenery. For millions of years, the river has shaped the landscape of an exceptional area which has become the preferred habitat for the griffon vulture, one of the largest birds of prey.

Music: Dexter Britain "Safe In Glass Houses"

14 September 2015

Across the field aerial

Trying to reach the peak of the mountain ahead in a windy day. The gimbal got crazy. I had to press Return To Home to come back and land automatically.